Petra Stunt London

Petra Stunt London

A Few Things You May Not Have Known About Petra Stunt, London's Own Princess

When we think of Petra Stunt, we think of the London it girl who is fortunate enough to spend her whole life spending. However, there is certainly more to Petra Stunt than shopping sprees in London and trips around the world.

She is a fascinating and well rounded individual with some interesting experiences and if you would like to learn a little more about her, be sure to read on and learn more about this heiress and her amazing life.

She Won A Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Placement

While most view Petra Stunt as a spoiled rich girl, she is actually talented in her own right and she won a placement at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design as a result of her efforts. However, she would decline the placement and as you might have imagined, her sights were set just a bit higher than this.

She Contracted Meningitis At A Young Age

The early life of a heiress would seem to be nothing but sunshine and roses, but for Petra, there were obstacles to overcome and these events shaped the person that she would eventually become. Petra was diagnosed with viral meningitis when she was only 14 years old and she credits the experience for changing her entire outlook on life. She is now hyper vigilant about taking her vitamins and making sure that her home remains as clean as possible at all times.

She Initially Chose Menswear Design For A Good Reason

Petra is known for creating a popular menswear line known as FORM and while it was eventually sold to retailers in 2008, she started this line at the tender age of 19 for one very simple reason: the world of women's wear had become far too over saturated. One thing is for sure, all of Petra's moves seem to be premeditated and planned out well in advance.

She's Not The Party Girl You Think She Is

According to Petra and her new husband James Stunt, the couple is not as into the party lifestyle as you might have guessed. James is well known for his wine collection, but he is more of a collector than a drinker and the couple insists that they are essentially teetotalers. Petra loves to have dinner and watch EastEnders, as the couple's true objective is to settle down and live a quiet life.

She Has More Than One Room To Store All Her Clothes

When an interviewer was allowed to check out her astonishing wardrobe room, they were flabbergasted to learn that the heiress needed more than one room to store all of her clothing. She even made a breezy announcement to the interviewer about the room was merely for her casual clothing and that the true gems were being kept elsewhere.

What Will This Incredible Woman Do Next?

Now that she is officially off the market, we are interested to see how married life will treat her. Perhaps there are little Petras in our future? Only time will tell.

Petra Stunt London
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