Petra Ecclestone London

Petra Ecclestone London

A Closer Look At Petra Ecclestone And How She Became The Toast Of London

Petra Ecclestone has become the talk of the town and for very good reason, as London residents cannot seem to get enough of this heiress and her astonishing lifestyle. However, there is more to this woman than beauty and money.

She has had an interesting life and while many are familiar with her more attention grabbing exploits, the time has come for a closer examination of Petra Ecclestone and her rise to the top of the London food chain.

Petra Was Very Studios

There are a lot of people out there who picture Petra as the typical spoiled heiress who had maids and butlers to do her homework for her. The reality is that this perception could not be further from the truth. Not only did she receive an extensive education at London’s Francis Holland school for young women, but she also went to a crammer that was designed for A level students.

While she might be a rich and beautiful heiress, she is certainly not an airhead and even though the public will attempt to paint her as a vapid and spoiled rich girl, she was an intelligent and gifted student who prided herself on receiving good marks.

She Was Raised By a Frugal Man

You might have thought that Petra emerged from the womb and immediately began a charmed existence. Even though she had a childhood that most of us could not even begin to fathom in our wildest dreams and she eventually became the free spending profligate that we know today, her father is actually a very frugal man.

Not only does he refuse to rely on any sort of housekeeping service, he also still eats his favorite meal on a regular basis: eggs on toast with brown sauce. It does not seem as if his frugal ways have been passed down to her completely, but Petra was certainly raised with the proper values.

Her and New Husband James Are Ready To Settle Down

When Petra married James Stunt, the two were expected to paint the town red and merge their combined fortunes to enjoy an even more ostentatious lifestyle than ever before. Their new home is massive and The Manor has already seen some crazy nights, just not in the manner that you might expect.

Mel Gibson has made an appearance at the home, as the couple had a '90s Gibson movie night. Petra is also a huge fan of EastEnders and in her perfect world, she and James would settle down and enjoy quiet nights at home with her favorite television programs. This is a far cry from the public image that she often projects.

Don't You Just Love Her?

The life of Petra Ecclestone is proof that there is always more than meets the eye, even when we are discussing someone who seems to be very well known. We wish her and her new husband all of the best going forward and hope for a long and happy union!

Petra Ecclestone London
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